Revolutionary Lancet Device for Diabetic Glucose Testing

Now you can reduce the pain and inconvenience of testing. Unlike conventional lancing systems, the ACCU-CHEK Multiclix lancet device is the only 1 with a six-lancet drum. That means you can have the least amount of painful testing with less hassle and improved safety.

There are 11 depth settings so you can choose your comfort level for testing your blood sugar. There is a no side-to-side motion so there is less skin tearing, over 90% of users ranked it least painful.*

Self-Contained Lancet with Six-lancet Drums.

Now you don't even need to see or handle the lancets. Just put the six-lancet drum in and you are ready to go.

Personal comfort.

With the 11 dept settings on the Comfort Dial, you are able to adjust the lancet depth to match your skin type and obtain just enough blood for accurate testing.

Precise Lancet Movement.

The precise linear sliding motion decreases the lancet's side-to-side movement so there is no tearing of your skin, providing greater comfort.

Accurate Manufactured Lancets.

Careful manufacturing make sure that your lancets have not been bent or contain broken tips that can result in even more painful testing.

This is a breakthrough in testing your blood sugar using lancets. There is always a chance of pricking yourself when removing the lancet after testing your blood sugar. There is also a chance of pricking yourself when removing the little piece attached to the lancet before testing.

Now just place the lancet drum in your device and you are ready to test your blood sugar.

Removing the lancet drum is also safe. Now you don't have to worry about pricking your finger.

Finally glucose meter testing companies are looking out for the safety of the patient, especially Senior Citizens who vision has decreased due to the complications of Diabetes.

Accu-check is now on the top of my list for safety, convenience and simplicity of using their glucometers, especially the Accu-check Compact, and now their new six-drum lancet device.

*Koubek RJ. Glucose Monitoring System Design Reduces Barriers to Testing, 2005. Data on file.

Copyright 2005
Fern Kuhn, RN
Specializing in Diabetes

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